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Cosmo Pyke is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and artist from London. He gained widespread acclaim for his 2017 EP Just Cosmo which was co-produced with Fraser T. Smith, in association with 70Hz Recordings. Cosmo’s later releases are via his own label, Pykrete Records.

Cosmo was born in Peckham, Southeast London. He attended The Brit School for Performing Arts, following famous singer-songwriter alumni Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jamie Woon, Loyle Carner, and more.

Cosmo Pyke Looking
Cosmo Pyke Looking

Musical Career

His 2017 debut EP Just Cosmo was released in collaboration with renowned producer Fraser T. Smith’s (Easy Life, Kano, Stormzy) 70Hz Recordings, and saw Cosmo tipped by numerous tastemakers. Tracks on the EP are ‘Wish You Were Gone’, ‘Chronic Sunshine’, ‘After School Club’, ‘Social Sites’ and ‘Great Dane’.In 2017, The Guardian described his sound as, ‘a fusion of jazz, 2-tone, Tyler, the Creator and the Kooks.’ Dazed said: ‘Pyke’s songs combine “classical songwriting with a dash of reggae, hip hop, and indie.' Clash commented: 'The Peckham artist excels by channelling a laid back, jazz-inspired vibe, a highly creative songwriting stance that seems to grow with each passing track.'Cosmo described the EP as: "A documentation of my youth as an ode to my thoughts and feelings, with personal experiences and personal samples. Such as the last track 'Great Dane', which begins and ends with a clip from 'Just William' that I listened to and loved as a child… Fraser T. Smith and I really worked with creating a live sound.” Ushering in a new chapter in late 2020, Cosmo released the title track from his new EP A Piper For Janet through his own label, Pykrete Records.‘Piper’ is a reference to artist John Piper; Janet is Cosmo’s beloved late grandmother. The EP was written over a few years while Cosmo was touring across South America and Asia. The rest of the EP was released in January 2021, with the tracklist: ‘A Piper For Janet’, ‘Filet Mignon’, ‘Railroad Tracks’ and ‘Seasick’. In late 2021, Cosmo was invited to the Brodie Sessions in Denmark to perform an acoustic set paired with the host team’s dreamy audio-visual production. It was released in January 2022. Other artists who have featured in the sessions include José González, Little Dragon and more.

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